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Show Results Comboyne 2020
Bird of Show- T & K Mc Cusker - Ancona Btm
Junior Bird of Show- Jacob Debreceny- Mallard
Waterfowl of Show- T & K Mc Cusker- Call

Open section-

Champion SFL - T & K Mc Cusker- Black Silkie
Res- Declan Pate - Wyandotte
Champion SFB- T & K Mc Cusker- Ancona
Res- Neville Blanch- Black Pekin
Champion HFB- Greg Milligan- Spangled OEG
Res- Greg Milligan - Spangled OEG
Champion Waterfowl- T & K Mc Cusker- Call
Res- Declan Pate - Silver Appleyard Btm

Junior section-

Champion SFL- Declan Pate - Wyandotte
Res- Ashley Livingston- Silkie
Champion SFB- Declan Pate- Btm Wyandotte
Res- Declan Pate-Btm Wyandotte
Champion HFB- Riley Debreceny- Modern Game
Res- Jacob Debreceny- Australian Game
Champion Waterfowl- Jacob Debreceny- Mallard
Res- Aiden Debreceny- Mallard


Dear Members

Due to the Covid 19 Rules and Regulation as a Club we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel all Wauchope Poultry Club events until further notice and this will include club meetings also.

We will keep you informed when events start again.

Please keep you and your family safe at these times.

We Thank you again for your support and patience with this decision.

President Shane Debreceny

The Show Society have cancelled the Agricultural Show and access to the ground is limited.

Keep Safe

Wauchope AG 




 Contact Scott:0428861916

Wauchope Showground 

The Wauchope Show Society has cancelled the 2020 show. due to the current Coronavirus. 

So come along and discover Wauchope Poultry Club and have a good old cackle and quack of all things poultry!